Tyler Carlson (Owner)

Ive been in the construction business from the age of 16. Ive been a contractor for 10 years now. Starting as a laborer working my way up to carpenter, eventually starting my first company in 2004 specializing in Finish Carpentry. Ive done just about every trade, including full home remodels and flipping homes. As a real estate agent I've been lucky to show a lot of new homes. What I see again and again is lack of attention to detail or poorly built homes. Seeing an opportunity I started Tyler Carlson Homes. We build better with a high attention to detail. From drying our homes out before sheetrock to prevent drywall cracks, to screwing all subfloors as to prevent squeaks down the road. At each phase of construction we take extra steps to insure our homes will be the best on the market. We are a small family run company with my wife taking care of the bookkeeping, interior design and finishes. Allowing me to be on site just about everyday, scheduling, working and directing sub contractors. The end result is a better built house, I wouldn't put my name on it if it wasn't. We build only a few homes a year allowing me to be there throughout the entire construction process.